What Millennial Buyers Want

What Millennial Buyers Want


In this day and age, people are buying homes later in life than previous generations, which means buyer expectations have undeniably evolved to keep up. From shared community spaces to sustainable design elements, millennial buyers today are increasingly on the hunt for modern conveniences and enhanced opportunity for connection. Keep reading to learn all about what millennial home buyers really want today!


When it comes to buying a home, some of the things people want will never change — no matter which phase of life you’re in. One of those things is the importance of location. Unsurprisingly, research has shown that millennials want to live close to where they work and play. And although this trend may indicate a millennial tendency towards urban communities, that isn’t always the case. In fact, some studies show that those between ages 25 – 34 are less likely to live in urban areas, indicating that an urban lifestyle may not always be the perfect fit for this generation.

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Outdoor Space

According to Traditional Home Editor-in-Chief Jill Waage, “Seventy-five percent of millennials want relaxing outdoor spaces,” including amenities like vegetable gardens, decks, and fences — to name just a few. The bottom line? When it comes to prepping your home for the millennial buyer, it’s smart to spend some time focusing on curb appeal. And while that doesn’t always have to mean the classic big backyard with a white picket fence, it should mean a space that prospective home buyers can feel comfortable in hosting their friends (or curling up with a good book).

Modern Amenities

While space isn’t as big of a concern for most millennials, they do want their homes to come with modern, high-functioning amenities. This includes items like dishwashers, washers and dryers, and space to exercise. Keep in mind that if you’re selling a condo, having access to personal amenities in the house isn’t necessarily a must, since the building might have you covered there. In a study by the National Association of Home Builders, more than 80% of millennials crave things like laundry rooms, hardwood floors, patios, and garage storage.

Spacious Kitchens

Millennial home buyers list large kitchens as one of their top priorities when buying a home. And while the Gen X and baby-boomer generations leaned toward formal dining rooms, millennials prefer open floor plans where the kitchen, dining, and living areas are all connected. On that note, millennials value community, cooking, and entertaining. The large kitchen and open floor plan, complete with a kitchen island and informal seating, are a huge selling point.

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Seamless Living

As it turns out, the rumors you’ve heard are true — millennials expect all things to be quick, efficient, and long-lasting. They’re a microwave generation, and convenience is of the utmost importance. When prepping your home to sell, think about renovations that speak to the utility-focused millennial. Consider switching out carpeting – which stains easily and requires regular vacuuming – for hardwood floors. Similarly, synthetic or composite decking might appeal to them over a traditional wooden deck.

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