Things To Know About Living In Truxton Circle, DC


Sandwiched between Bloomingdale, Shaw, and NoMa and bordered by New Jersey Avenue NW, Florida Avenue NW, and New York Avenue NW, Truxton Circle is a small neighborhood with a big personality.

Notable features include this charming enclave’s beautiful late 19th-century houses and historical schools, such as the original Dunbar High School, which was the first public high school for Black students in the US.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new neighborhood to call home or just looking to stay up to date on the city’s hottest residential destinations, here are 4 things to know about living in Truxton Circle, DC today.

#1 The History

While private vehicles and streetcars once had to travel around a traffic circle of the same name, the original Truxton Circle was actually removed more than 70 years ago. Nevertheless, the distinction stuck and is still used today, generations later.

One thing that hasn’t changed much, however, is the neighborhood’s enduring historic appeal. You’ll still find mostly modest row houses, many of which date back all the way back to the 19th century. You’ll also find some built around the turn-of-the-century, complete with small porches and desirable bay windows that add flair.

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#2 The Market

Many neighborhood newcomers have been busy renovating the older homes of Truxton Circle and bringing new life to the community. Interested parties will now find a plethora of choices, including condos elevated by hardwood flooring and plenty of architectural appeal, not to mention single-family homes made more modern with the addition of stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and other stylish features & finishes.

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#3 The Appeal

Supremely walkable and utterly picturesque, Truxton Circle is the perfect place to call home. Start your day at Uncle Chip’s, a cafe that dishes out coffee, cookies, sandwiches, and more before heading south on North Capitol Street NW to catch a glimpse of some cool murals behind an apartment complex on Hanover Place NW. Next, stock up on wine at Domestique, a woman-owned shop on Florida Avenue NW that “Wine Enthusiast” magazine named one of the top natural wine destinations in the entire US. And when you’re craving a night on the town, Republic Cantina on N Street NW is the ultimate way to indulge in inventive cocktails and cuisine served up Tex-Mex style. Your visit wouldn’t be complete without trying their Queso Compuesto, Taco Norteño, and of course, the classic Agave Frozen Marg!

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#4 The Location

Sometimes known as East Shaw, Truxton Circle is located at the heart of downtown life in DC, which makes getting around easier than ever before — whether that means taking the Metro or walking on foot. The neighborhood also boasts several parks and playgrounds, such as Truxton Park (which lies at the corner of First Street and Florida Avenue), New York Avenue Playground at the corner of First Street and N Street, and Bundy Playground between O Street and P Street.

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