Meet Compass Collections

Meet Compass Collections


At The Jenn Smira Team, we’re all about making our clients’ lives easier — and their outcomes more successful. One of the ways we guarantee both of those things come true? Technology. As a part of Compass, one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal is Collections, a curated workspace that fosters streamlined, success communication between our agents and the clients they serve. Keep reading to learn more about how we can put the Collections platform to work for you during your next home search or sale!

Some call it the Pinterest of real estate, but we know it’s so much more. So — what exactly is Collections? It’s the first truly interactive online home search tool, empowering homebuyers and their agents to organize, monitor, discuss, and collaborate on a hand-picked portfolio of properties.

Designed to champion a proven high-tech, high-touch approach, Collections fuses the online access homebuyers and sellers have come to expect in today’s tech-driven world with the expertise of a professional real estate agent they can count on. With Collections, agents can share real-time updates such as availability and pricing changes, as well as add new homes to the board for friends and family to interact with.

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The truth is, Collections is the timely solution to a challenge many buyers today face. Did you know that while 51% of consumers find the home they eventually purchase online, 88% rely on the expertise of an agent to aid them in that search, according to data from the National Association of Realtors? In other words: Consumers are no longer willing to compromise on the best in technology or service — they want it all. The good news? With Collections, buyers can have the best of both worlds: An improved client-agent communication experience AND an easier, more efficient way to manage the home search process online.


Compass Collections’ key features allow home buyers and sellers to:

  • Organize promising listings: View homes curated by you and your agent on an interactive board with photos and listing information.
  • Collaborate with your inner circle: Invite parents, spouses, and friends to view a collection and add properties they like.
  • Discuss with the group: Comment on properties and ask questions with simple and centralized communications.
  • Monitor the market: Receive real-time, automated pricing, and status updates for all the homes in your collection.


Ready to put Compass Collections to work for you? Connect with us today to get down to business. 


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