Is Selling Your Home In The Winter A Good Idea?


Between holiday preparations and resolution mapping, as we get ready to say bye to 2023, it’s only natural for your home selling goals to feel like they’re slipping away instead of arriving on Santa’s Sleigh. Or maybe you feel like you’ve missed the ideal listing window entirely, and are waiting until the ice thaws once again. Regardless of where you are in your plans to sell, we figured that everyone could use a little guidance around the benefits and downsides of selling in the winter season.

Keep reading to learn whether selling your home this wintertime is the right move for you!

First Things First…Is Anyone Buying In The Winter?: Yes! It’s a common misconception that most home buyers have school-aged children, and that they only shop for homes during summer vacation. According to the Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report for 2021, 60% of buyers don’t have kids under 18 at home, so they’re not limited by school schedules.

Pros Of Wintertime Selling:

Less Competition: Since many people tend to sell their homes during the spring and summer months, this can lead to a lower inventory of homes on the market during the winter. And with fewer options for buyers, your home may stand out from the rest!

Serious Buyers: While there may be fewer potential buyers, those who are actively looking during the winter months are often more serious about making a purchase. They may be motivated by a job relocation, a change in family circumstances, or other urgent reasons.

Cozier Ambiance: Don’t feel like sacrificing your holiday decor in the selling process? We’ve got great news for all you seasonal enthusiasts out there: With the right staging and decor, your home can easily be transformed into a warm and inviting haven for buyers — so you can have your winter wonderland and the opportunity to sell, too.

Faster Closing: Real estate transactions can sometimes move more quickly during the winter, as there may be fewer transactions in the queue for mortgage lenders, inspectors, and other professionals involved in the process.

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Cons Of Selling In The Winter:

Weather Challenges: Just as winter weather can create scenic intrigue for potential buyers, it can also just as easily pose challenges for everyone involved in your home’s sale. Snow, ice, and cold temperatures may make it more difficult for people to visit and view your property — not to mention impact the condition of your home for showings.

Compromised Curb Appeal: Fresh, powdery snow is one thing, but no buyer wants to walk up to a home with landscaping that hasn’t been maintained in months. To combat this icy first impression, it’s essential to keep walkways clear and enhance your exterior with winter-friendly decor where possible.

Limited Daylight: Feeling the fatigue brought on by shorter days? Buyers are no exception to the wintertime daylight-saving time slog, which can make it challenging to schedule appointments after regular working hours.

Holiday Distractions: This one goes without saying, but for many, the holiday season can be a busy time filled with distractions, stressors, travel, and memories. Because of this, prospective buyers may be preoccupied with holiday preparations, travel, or social events, potentially shifting their focus away from home buying in the process.

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