Introducing The JST Sports And Entertainment Division


It’s simple: High-value real estate decisions require the help of a high-caliber real estate team. For professional athletes and entertainers, this means working with a team that understands your unique needs. Luckily, the Sports and Entertainment Division of The Jenn Smira Team is uniquely positioned to provide the best possible service in these types of high-profile real estate transactions.

With unrivaled attention to marketing, cutting-edge tech prowess, exhaustive industry expertise, and ever-valued discretion above all else, we make it our business to provide world-class service for industry professionals who expect and deserve the very best.

What We Provide For S&E Clients

#1: A real estate team with a successful track record of working with sports and entertainment leaders in addition to managers, advisors, lawyers, and other professionals who have a solid grasp of the nuances of celebrity transactions.

#2: Access to an exclusive database of luxury furnished rentals and off-market listings nationwide.

#3: The use of proprietary tech designed to inform and enhance the client experience.

#4: Insightful and targeting advertising to a discreet audience, which is then matched with person-to-person communications.

#5: Access to our in-house press team to liaise with client publicists, facilitating property coverage in premier real estate and lifestyle outlets.

#6: Assistance from our robust referral network and seamless service nationwide, perfect for transitions that are common in these professions.

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Meet Jenn: With a background in tech and a penchant for making a difference, Jenn Smira is every client’s advocate. As a respected DC real estate agent and our team’s fearless leader, Jenn has the determination and tenacity to get the job done — whether you’re buying, selling, or in transition.

Jenn’s experience spans working with professional coaches, restaurateurs, journalists, entrepreneurs, architects, and beyond. Her discretion, dedication, and drive make her the perfect partner in celebrity real estate transactions of all shapes and sizes.

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