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Holton House

Historic And Stately In Dupont Circle

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From its very beginnings, this stately limestone rowhouse on an idyllic street in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C. has been a home to refined learning and culture. Now is has been transformed into four elegant condominium homes by taking parts of the past and bringing them into the present.

The building’s name, Holton House, and the name of the floor plans – Gallery, Holton, Phillips and Penthouse –are a nod to the rich history contained within its walls. Holton-Arms school began here in 1901 when a friend of Jessie Moon Holton and Carolyn Hough Arms graciously lent them the home so that they could open an independent school for girls. Many children from prominent families would learn music and French in its salons. By 1906, the prestigious private school outgrew the house and it returned to being a residence for high-ranking government officials and military officers.

In 1987, Jane Haslem, a veteran Washington art dealer, renovated the house, turning two floors into a semiprivate gallery. She offered clients a chance to see contemporary artists such as Mauriciio Lasansky, Gabor Peterdi and Antonio Frasconi in a relaxed setting.

Holton House embraces its past while striding into the future. A conservation easement from the L’Enfant Trust has preserved the stunning cream-colored limestone façade. Each two-bedroom, two-bathroom home was thoughtfully redesigned with today’s living in mind.

Holton House is in the lively and highly sought-after Dupont Circle neighborhood that includes Michelin-star restaurant Sushi Taro, the Phillips Collection, the first permanent museum of modern art in this country, and the Cosmos Club, a private social club founded in 1878 that has counted three Presidents and a dozen Supreme Court justices among its members. Steps away from Metro and downtown, Holton House offers a captivating blend of classical and modern, convenience, sophistication and a turnkey lifestyle.




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