Developing a strategic plan to maximize your real estate investment requires in-depth insights from professional insiders. For decades, we’ve kept our finger on the pulse of DC area real estate, tracing trends and consumer behaviours right up to the minute. Whether you’re an everyday home owner or a professional real estate developer, our tried-and-true consultation services ensure your investments leave no money on the table.

We help everyday home owners and professional developers decipher the market in order to amplify their investment.

Team at Compass DMV
Years of combined industry experience
1 Billion Lifetime Sales

Real Estate Consulting For Home Owners

Your home is far more than just a residence. It’s also likely your biggest asset. Whether you’re looking to sell today, tomorrow, or five years from now, your return on investment requires insider guidance straight from the source.


When you partner with our team, you unlock the wisdom from more than 2,000 high-result sales. Our advisory services ensure you land the most lucrative return in the shortest amount of time.

What’s Built-In:

ROI Insights

Insights on ROI-building renovations and property improvements

Design Counsel

Market-informed design counsel

Contractor Referrals

Referrals to a vast network of contractors, vendors, and other industry professionals. And much more.

Real Estate Consulting For Developers

With a robust portfolio of 75-plus projects in the DC area, The Jenn Smira Team is a leader in DC developments. For professional developers, our bold, data-informed advisory services lay the foundations for a successful investment. Taking the prospect of underselling out of the equation, our meticulous analysis builds an unfaltering roadmap for your success.


What’s Built-In:

Site Analysis

Analysis of site location, feasibility, and highest use potential

Profitability Calculations

Calculating the most profitable unit mix

Floor Plan Review

Review of floor plan for sellability

Assessment Study

Study phase assessment of pre-construction projects

Design Suggestions

Design and finish specifications

Demographics Report

Examining demographics, community factors, long-term local development

Outsale potential Forecast

Determination of outsale potential. And much more

Our Rates

Our analysis uncovers every opportunity to optimize your investment. Further, we leverage our project management expertise and vast network of industry professionals to help you seamlessly execute our essential insights.

Our consultation services begin at $500 per hour. For a detailed estimate that is tailored to your objectives, reach out to our team.